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Cloud native platform development
and consulting

For CLOUD Starters and Cloud NATIVEs!

Intenics helps you build your product in a cloud native way. No matter if you want to get first hands-on experience to evaluate a possible cloud migration or if you just want to add new functionality to your existing infrastructure.

We provide expert consulting and development power in a solutions oriented and uncomplicated way.

IoT Backends

We build IoT backends that are highly available, secure and scale with your business.


From mobile apps to single page applications, from user authorization to database. We build API Backends and seamlessly transition from MVP to production ready.

Big data

When data is your business, don't lose a drop. Store everything now for insights as you grow.

Processing at scale

Use the power of stream processing and horizontal scaling to process huge amounts of data in real time.

Analysis tools

The right tools for the right job. You know what to look for, we know how.

Data science

Predict outcomes and recognize patterns. Use your own data to improve your business.

About US

We are a dynamic team of technology enthusiasts, based in Hamburg.

We are specialized in modern cloud technology and combine best practices with a pragmatic approach.

Besides a passionate and motivated mindset, our team is certified and continuously trained to stay up to date with the newest improvements in cloud computing.

Why Intenics

We know that each project is different! That's why we approach each project with an open mind, to make sure we find the solution that suits you. To ensure a successful and sustained journey, we rely on six key components:

Expert Consulting

Our goal is to enable you to run your own platform in the cloud. We will provide you with guidance and dev power to build up your product.

Short on time? We start building now and you transition the project into your company on the way.

Cloud native thinking

Our experts bring an optimized cloud native approach to enable faster time to market and scaling with ease.

Just putting your servers into the cloud won't get you ahead of your competitors. That's why we architect cloud first.

Serverless approach

We utilize managed services to ensure high availability with seamless scaling to support your focus on the actual product.

Instead of buying hardware and hire a whole crew to maintain them, let the best of the best do the job for you while paying less.

Risk Management

With our short iterations and "pay as you go" infrastructure we provide dynamic solutions with transparent costs.

Transition from CapEx to OpEx and use detailed tracking of consumption to find new opportunities.


With everything in place from the start, there is no reason to be satisfied with less.

Test driven, well architected, Clean Code , Clean Architecture, Infrastructure as Code, automation and monitoring from day one.


It's about people in the first place.

Knowledge transfer and requirements engineering are two of the most important communication tasks in every project.

That's why we rely on personal contact and up to date collaboration tools.

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Do you have a question for us? Reach out to us and we'll respond as soon as we can.

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Founder, CTO

Stefan Mangat
Founder, CEO


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